Environmental Assessment and Redevelopment of Former Aluminum Research Facility Pleasanton, CA

Retained by the purchaser (large biotech company) to conduct appropriate environmental assessments of the buildings and property to identify recognized environmental conditions, and determine associated risks and corrective action costs. Research facility consisted of seven buildings, with six of the buildings having significant laboratory space. Entire facility occupied 80 acres, developed in the late 1960’s. Previous facility operations caused chemical releases to property soil and groundwater. Numerous environmental investigations and remediation activities were completed on property with oversight from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Property included wetland areas, and potential for endangered or specially protected wildlife and habitats.

Initial environmental assessment activities included review of extensive existing environmental investigation and remediation documentation (including an asbestos survey), comprehensive review of facility construction and operational documentation, interviews of key facility staff, thorough facility inspection, and review of environmental agency records. Findings required conduction of environmental sampling in the buildings and a soil and groundwater investigation, including installation of groundwater monitoring wells. Building environmental sampling included wipe sampling and analyses of laboratory hood exhaust ducts and certain floor surfaces. Results of environmental assessment activities documented in two written reports, and factored into the purchase agreement with seller.

Post escrow, supervised demolition and removal of all site buildings; assisted in the proper manifesting of waste debris (including asbestos-containing waste); and performed all air, water, and soil characterization activities with approval and oversight of the DTSC. Prepared and monitored compliance with a site Health & Safety Plan. Performed personal and area monitoring specified in the Health & Safety Plan. Developed strategies for and implemented soil remediation activities, including activities in two wetland areas. Acted as primary liaison with DTSC on behalf of the client. Coordinated and managed all required wetland and wildlife surveys (burrowing owl, red-legged frog, tiger salamander, nesting raptors) and associated wildlife protection measures.


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